August 7, 2017

Farmers, 200 Land victim communities submit the petitions to Seek Land Solutions

On August 07th 2017 at 9:00am, about  200 of communities and farmers who representing the citizens from various land communities such as Romeas Haek, Anlong Trabaek, and Jeck Meas community, with amount of 1735 family who have affected on land issue of totally 975,92 hectares, located in Svay Rieng. The events is intended  gathering its community together for submitting the petitions to The Prime-minister Hun Sen’s cabinet, the council of ministers for intervention and solving problem to affected land community, through the cultivation of secondary crops, small-scale domestic animal husbandry on their agricultural land.

The community people have been heritage and lived there since 1979 as ancestral land which getting peaceful, safe, food, no abuse or eviction from any land abusers as well as private companies.

Recently, they are faced within the negative impact on land conflicts for the agricultural land, houses, and farm land, whom all our farmers in the three communities of Svay Rieng province and are being abused by traders, powerful man, competent authorities, cracking up conspiracy and engaging property encroachment which has affected the subsistence of the community people and has not been resolved by authorities and other relevant institutions.

Therefore, we would like to propose all partners organizations, national-international associations for monitoring and investigating into this petition submissions process accordingly.

Land right, housing right and human right violation have been exploding almost everywhere in Cambodia. Lately, natural resources have been cleared and seriously destroyed. Natural resources destruction has caused heavy impact on lives and environment. So far, land clearance and land grabbing have kept continuing.

Many companies have cleared people’s farming and housing land just only basing on circulation (Sor Chor Nor). Economic development policy focusing on agro-industries such as sugarcane, rubber, corn, and cassava plantation and improving productivities for export to United States of America and European Union in compliance the EU’s policy; especially, tax-exemption of everything but arms to support leased developing country is very important because Cambodia is potential in the sectors. However, it is urgently needed to revise while the model of agro-industry development has provided so much economic land concession to national and international companies and evicted innocence people from their residence with less or no compensation. Such development has profited only companies while peoples have lost many benefits because of economic land concession.

To eliminate human rights violation in Cambodia, national and international development partners have to play significant roles in collaboration with relevant stakeholders including civil society organizations, activists, and citizens of a nation to intervene force and put pressure on key national institutions and the government to reform promote and address human rights violation because international development partners have provided a lot of technical and financial assistance to develop and promote human rights democracy and social justice for years. Unfortunately, the government has not respected key rules of donors and development partners. The assistance such as concession loan for economic development opens space for some government officials to corrupt and violate human rights.

Donors and Partners

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