August 9, 2017

PRESS RELEASE ON Farmers 200 submit the petitions to Ministries

On August 07th 2017 at 9:00am, there will be 200 of communities and farmers who repre- senting the citizens from various land communities such as Romeas Haek, Anlong Trabaek, and Jeck Meas community, with amount of 1735 family who have affected on land issue of totally 975,92 hectares, located in Svay Rieng. The events is intended gathering its com- munity together for submitting the petitions to The Prime-minister Hun Sen’s cabinet, the council of ministers for intervention and solving problem to affected land community, through the cultivation of secondary crops, small-scale domestic animal husbandry on their agricul- tural land.

The community people have been heritage and lived there since 1979 as ancestral land which getting peaceful, safe, food, no abuse or eviction from any land abusers as well as private companies.

Recently, they are faced within the negative impact on land conflicts for the agricultural land, houses, and farm land, whom all our farmers in the three communities of Svay Rieng prov- ince and are being abused by traders, powerful man, competent authorities, cracking up conspiracy and engaging property encroachment which has affected the subsistence of the community people and has not been resolved by authorities and other relevant institutions.

Therefore, we would like to propose all partners Journalist organizations, national- international associations for monitoring and investigating into this petition submissions pro- cess accordingly!

For Further information please kindly contacts:

  • Mr. Lunh Tha, Representative of Andomg Trabek community (Tell: 010 514 965)
  • Ms. Kheav Sarorn, Representative of Samaky Romeas Haek community (Tell: 096 463 6169)
  • Ms. En Soth, Representative of Jek Meas community (Tell: 097 3225 273, 016 670 549)
  • Mr. Mern Ratana, Community facilitator (Tell: 096 4636 169)

Donors and Partners

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