October 11, 2017

CCFC 16 Days of Global Action “Advance Food Sovereignty and Agroecology! Promote Youth’s Participation in Agriculture!” 

Coalition of Cambodian Farmer Community partners joint with PAN Asia Pacific has been advocating agroecology for more than a decade. By organising farmers’ exchanges, study tours, training and workshops and other regional and global initiatives, PANAP has been promoting agroecology as an alternative to chemical-based, mono-crop farming and as a mechanism in coping with climate change.  Apart from its Food Sovereignty and Ecological Agriculture programme, PANAP has established regional and global platforms in its agroecology advocacy.

The small food producers (of farmers, fisherfolk, herders, indigenous communities, rural women and rural youth), land and resources are central to food security, agricultural development and environmental sustainability. Agroecology places food sovereignty as its principal concern, where farmers and local communities take control of their land, biodiversity, livelihood, food and farming systems.

But for millions of small-scale farmers and food producers, especially in the poor countries, their access to land and resources is being undermined by the aggressive expansion and concentration of corporate control over agriculture – whose agenda is ‘business-as-usual’ and profit-oriented false solutions to food security and climate change. This rapid expansion of industrial agriculture has led to increasing conversion of forest, grass and wetlands.

Land grabbing has placed the food security and sovereignty of small food producers in grave peril. Such is evidenced on the latest report of GRAIN on landgrabs exclusively for food and agriculture where 491 deals cover 30 Million hectares on land. In this landscape, small food producers’ rights to land and resources are taken away, displacing them, robbing them of their livelihoods and most of all, undermining their food sovereignty.

Resistance is often met with state and corporate aggression and violence. Land Rights Watch has listed 5,147 human rights violations from January 2015 to August 2017 due to land conflicts and struggles. It is ironic that among those who suffer are those who directly produce food.

Thus, it is in the struggle for land, resources and survival that strengthened the resolve of farmers groups and movements across the globe to fight for their future – one that is intertwined with their communities’ food security, biodiversity and rural development. As we are threatened by the food and climate crises, the need for farmers, rural women and other marginalized rural sectors to fight back and assert rights to land and resources remain urgent, necessary and just more than ever.

With the theme “Advance Food Sovereignty and Agroecology! Promote Youth’s Participation in Agriculture!”, the 2017 16 Days of Global Action on Land and Resources consists of a series of collective action of farmers groups, youth groups, movements and advocacy groups from different countries from October 1 to 16. Activities range from awareness-raising activities (from symposium to public assemblies and other creative events) to media and social media campaigns and lobbying. At least 20 countries from different sectors, movements and organisations are expected to join.

It will be kickstarted by the Youth for Food Sovereignty (YFS) on 1 October and will culminate on 15 October (Rural Women’s Day) and 16 October (World Foodless Day) through coordinated actions and online events of farmers, youth groups and grassroots organisations and movements around the globe.

The 16 Days of Global Action on Land and Resources 2017 hopes to build on the momentum gained from last year’s successful campaign. In October 2016, focusing on the issues of food sovereignty, climate change, pesticides-use and agroecology, the 16 Days of Global Action successfully reached out to more than 350,000 women’s, farmers’, fisher folks, youth and advocacy groups, movements and individuals in 18 countries in Asia, Pacific, Africa and Latin America. Through various assertive and creative means, movements from different contexts and cultures took action and leadership fully aware that they were rising up in solidarity with other movements around the globe for common demands and against common adversaries.

What are the aims of the 16 Days of Global Action on Land and Resources?

1) To raise awareness to the public on the impact of food, land and resources crises, particularly highlighting specific impacts of land and resource grabbing to farming communities and movements

(2) To generate solidarity in the struggle to defend collective rights to land and resources and mobilise people to be involved in the people’s resistance against corporate agriculture, land grabbing and all forms of repression

(3) To gather broader support and promote youth’s initiatives on food sovereignty and agroecology as an alternative to corporate agriculture  CCFC Advance to Government in Cambodia demands for
• Defend food sovereignty!
• Advance Agroecology!
• Resist Corporate Takeover on Agriculture!
• Uphold women’s rights!
• Land to the Landless! Land to the Tillers!
• Promote Youth Actions in Agriculture!for
• Defend food sovereignty to farmers
• Advance Agroecology!
• Resist Corporate Takeover on Agriculture!
• Uphold women’s rights!
• Land to the Landless! Land to the Tillers!
• Promote Youth Actions in Agriculture!

More detail please visit  http://panap.net/campaigns/agroecology-in-action/

Donors and Partners

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