December 7, 2017

Statement International Human Rights Day in 2017"We all need justice, human rights, democracy and social protection for Cambodian farmers"

Phnom Penh: December07,2017

Coalition of Cambodian Farmer Community Association (CCFC-Association) is a membership, non-governmental and non-profit organization working to compile or organize the community, training, advocacy and promoting of livelihood for the farmers at the target community with more than 10 thousand members in 40 communities within 9 target provinces, including Svay Rieng, Prey Veng, Takeo, Kampot, Preah Sihanouk, Kep, Tbong Khmom, Preah Vihear, and Kampong Speu provinces.

From the 8th -10th December, 2017 there will be thousands of citizens, farmers from the grassroots level as Coalition of Cambodian Farmers Community Association (CCFC-Association) members in cooperation with authorities and governments at various levels, civil society organizations will organize the next several of events in 5 different locations of three provinces including Preah Sihanouk, Prey Veng and Svay Rieng to celebrate the 69th Anniversary of International Human Rights Day under the theme "We all need justice, human rights, democracy and social protection for Cambodian farmers" together.

The celebration will be included some main activities such as publics forum in order to discuss about any other related issues on Human Right recently, by submitting the petition and proportion to the local authorities and relevant stakeholders on their concerns of Human Rights issue from the grassroots to national level.

The celebration of International Human Rights Day will be provided people the opportunity to show their solidarity, commitments and efforts to gain the respect for human rights. At the previously, freedom of assembly, freedom of media, and human rights defenders were subjected to be arrested into the jail, victims and social injustice which was very important to express their opinions and raise and issues to human rights violation .

So within this year, thousands of people will address many of their needs, such as social justice, human rights, democracy, land rights, social protection, press and media freedom, economical rights, independent judiciary and stopping of persecution of basic freedoms. We also create an environment for all stakeholders to celebrate International Human Rights Day 69th Anniversary (1948-2017) in order to enhance cooperation between the authorities, civil society and local communities in the promotion of human rights, democracy, social justice and social protection, provide opportunities for citizens to find common methods and strategies to solve problems on human rights violations and implications of the community’s living condition and livelihoods. Regarding to this opportunity, Coalition of Cambodian Farmer Community Association (CCFC-Association) would like to ask local government and line government institutions to address key issues of farmers and citizens needs as follows:

  1. To propose the local authorities who connected in accordance convenience situation and cooperate in collaborative with the civil society organization in order to contribute for the society development and safety nets which compliance from the rule of law of Cambodia and International Human Rights Norms as well.
  2. To hold the government officials to include informal workers in the system of Cambodian Government, especially farmers who will receive Social Protection which equivalence and consistence to any kinds of strategies and Political principal which have been recently using formally.
  3. To propose local authorities until line of national government official level to hold and inspire for the rights promotion and suitable common livelihoods by addressing land rights issues to the affected citizens based on the basic principal of law and human rights norms, with social justice to be more effectively and efficiency.
  4. To propose the line government officials accurately for its responsibility to address the challenges, constraints and shocks which adversely impacted to the farmers interests as such, food insecurity, migrations, farmers productions problem, and irrigation systems by increasing national budget (subsidize) on agricultural sector for supporting to the farmers throughout Cambodia accordingly.

Therefore, On behalf of the memberships of farmers via wisely grassroots level, Coalition of Cambodia Farmer Community Association (CCFC-Association) would like to invite 10th December friends, authorities, CSOs, and relevant journalists to participate in the celebration of International Human Rights Day program within this years for cooperatively and running even more smoothly.

Please kindly contact the lists name of persons will be responsible regarding to these main events within various target provinces in the sections below:

For further information please kindly contact:

  1. Sihanouk Province:

- Mr. Nhil Pheap, Community Coordinator (Tel: 087 57 70 04)

- Mr. Sun Sophat, Community Reps of Preah Sihanouk Province (016 48 76 07)

  1. Svay Rieng province:

- Mr. Meoun Ratana, Community Coordinator (016 74 06 76)

- Ms. Yos Sophorn, Community Reps of Chek Meas Community (016 67 05 49)

- Mrs. Khieu Saron, Community Land Representative Romeas Haek (096 46 36 169)

- Mr. Soun Seiha, Community Reps of Andong Trabek Community (Tel: 096 91 71 951)

  1. Prey Veng province:

- Ms. Keo Chanra, Deputy General Secretary of CCFC (098 85 22 60)

- Mrs. Eam Thoeum, Community Reps of Chong Ampil Community (097 8267635)

you can download the statement Khmer and English Staterment of CCFC-IHRD 2017 English  Staterment of CCFC-IHRD 2017 KH

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