March 13, 2018

Press Release[Around 600 of land affected farmer community representative submit the petition demanding for land resolution]

On March 12, 2018 at 9:00am, there will be around 600 famer community representatives who have been affected on the land conflicts, totally with 19,145.2 hectares of 6822 families from various provinces such, Thbong Khmom, Takeo, Kandal, Svay Rieng and Preah Sihanouk provinces, in mobilizing together to put and submit the petition into the land conflicts to national level including, council of minister, ministry of land management and urban planning, as well as national assembly institutions for any alternative intervention for their land resolutions while it has occurred for more than 10 years conflict which faced them to lose their job for survival adversely. The land issue has been grabbed by merchants, private sectors, and powerful persons who colluded with authorities to seize the farmer communities land to be their ownership division. So far, the citizen communities who residents in the target land conflict provinces have tried and found out for alternative intervention from the competent local authorities through commune, district, provincial until national level, but they haven’t been yet to get the desired resolution from the entire relevant authorities. In addition, some community representatives among those were threatened and intimidated in persecution and restricting their freedom via judicial systems, and labeling accused as inciting people, the violation with cracking down, and monitoring to all citizen representative’s activities by the merchants, private companies, powerful persons, as well as local authorities seriously. Regarding the above information stated, we would be pleased to invite all stakeholders, national and international independent media, civil society, enterprise unions, federations as well as development partners to investigate and monitor for a whole activities of the farmer petition submissions with increasingly peaceful ways during the event! For further information,

Donors and Partners

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