September 22, 2018

Police Shut Down Chicken-Raising Workshop in Svay Rieng

On 17 September 2019 Police in Svay Rieng shut down a workshop on chicken farming held by a national farmers’ association on Monday morning claiming that it had not been approved by local authorities.

The Coalition of Cambodian Farmer Community (CCFC) had organized the training workshop on ecological chicken-raising for 30 families in Romeas Hek district and said it had correctly informed commune and village authorities.

Local authorities have shut down about a dozen gatherings organized by the CCFC over the last year, including training workshops, a community development forum and an International Women’s’ Day celebration, claiming the group had failed to obtain permission. It was the second time a chicken-raising workshop was shut down in Romeas Hek district.

The CCFC supports farmers’ efforts to improve their livelihoods and advocate for their interests and has been repeatedly targeted as part of a crackdown on civil society.

In March, police questioned CCFC staff in Takeo province on alleged links to the Cambodia National Rescue Movement, a group set up by members the former opposition CNRP in exile overseas. In April, an op-ed in government-aligned Fresh News accused the group and its president, Theng Savoeun, of orchestrating “colour revolution” activities.

On 18 September 2018, Mr. Chab Nol, a deputy of Romeas Haek district along with its relevant authorities to meeting with the community peoples and started to allow them launching the chicken raising machanishm again from the nature principles in order to improve their livelihoods due to this training was stopped by the military polices of Romeas Haek, in a way of saying that, the community did not have permission letters releasing by relevant authorities lastly. CCFC highly hope that, all ranks of related authorities will be able to constantly cooperate in facilitation with process, addressing CCFC’s member’s matters in their entire community through understandable improving their common interests legally, its community living conditions in contributing the Cambodian social development sustainability.

On June previously, the Interior Minister Mr. Sor Kheng had appealed to all CSOs, and the competent authorities restore its cooperation back, after understanding that during the last short-term periods whiles those authorities and CSOs, trying to attack each other surrounded of pushing democratic development.

The local based-organization could continue its action legally without any requirements which need them to register into the Ministry of Interior, even all those activities of all either Associations or NOGs also are no need to be asked for any complicated requirement, merely inform to the Ministry in prior three days before implementing their own activities, He added.

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