September 24, 2020

International Day of Peace, September 21,2020 No Land Rights No Peace!

Press release: In 1981 the United Nations established the "International Day of Peace" to commemorate and strengthen the peaceful settlement of all peoples and nations around the world.  September 21, in every year, people from all classes, celebrating this main event is about to global day that can hold privately and communities locally until the national level in order to spur global government efforts to  end conflicts and promote peace, freedom and respect for human rights accordingly.

More than 1100 households of farmers and people from various communities who have been affected on pro-long land disputes, are able to celebrate the 39th anniversary of International Day of Peace which will be taken place on September 21, 2020 with the dubbed “No Land Rights, No Peace ”in Phnom Penh in order to Celebrate Peace Day and promote the global peace in relation the land disputes resolution process, human rights and basic of human rights as well. The overall aims of the event of IDP are about to:

  • Celebrate the commemoration of peace day and the process of their land resolution, promoting human rights with fundamental freedoms locally
  • To submit their land petition, urging the main government institution officials such as Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Land Management, Ministry of Environment as well as the public to take intervention, addressing their land issues at the local level and
  • To work collectively among their entire networks through disseminating and sharing their constraints and challenges of the negative impact of their land loses, human rights violation, foods security as well as natural devastation in accordance to the common needs and concerns nationwide.

Donors and Partners

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