ANNUAL NARRATIVE REPORT IN 2017“Empower Farmer Communities to Claim for Their Rights and Basic Needs (EFCRN)”

Phnom Penh: 28 February 2018:  Additional community organizing has become the core work of the CCFC. The association currently works with 40 communities in 8 provinces including Kandal, Takeo, Kampot, Preah Sihanouk, Svay Rieng, Prey Veng, Tbong Khmum and Preah Vihear province. In relation to community organizing, CCFC has established community management structures and strengthened roles of community committee, provincial committee and community members to enhance their authority with their members. The community committee has actively collaborated with the provincial committee, local and national authorities, local staff, and partner organizations in the region and at the national level to share information and find common solutions occured in the community. The committee has continued to share information through social networks and has been cautious of personal safety of our members. Additionally, both the community and provincial committees have been negotiating and capable of leading their members to resolve land disputes as well as infrastructure in the community without the coordination of any NGO, which is a significant contribution to the development of the national society.

of fact, 664 CCFC families with 1,135.01 hectares have their land measured but have yet to receive land certificates, and 26 communities, which are equal to 1,272 families  have received land-use interventions from relevant institutions, indicating that the process of solving their land issues will be completed soon. In addition, CCFC members have actively monitored political situation and help contribute to the process of local governance.

Furthermore, local members used their citizenship rights to participate in the Commune/ Sangkat Election, including 145 activitists and members with 35 females volunteered to be national observers to monitor the Commune/Sangkat Election, and 95% of CCFC members registered to vote, and 90% in each commune of CCFC’s communities voted in the election.

After a press conference on November 7, 2017 at Meta House, the draft Law of Agricultural Land (LAL) was decleared postponed through a press release from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries dated November 8 without a defined timetable. However, CCFC continues to follow up on this draft and will continue to disseminate the impact of the draft to farmers and continue to work with partner organizations and the government to ensure the draft will serve the interests of small-scale farmers.

CCFC is a membership institution to organize farmers who have land disputes in Cambodia, which works closely with farmers and directly go the communities on the ground. Some communities do not have the presence of an NGO or a development agency, except the local authorities. Therefore, CCFC is an important network to empower farmers to understand their basic rights and to link communities with each other so that they become active citizens, participating in the social work and solving local problems effectively. The CCFC has also contributed significantly to the development of the government's land conflict resolution policy. During this period, both the community as members and the CCFC continued to file petitions and negotiate with authorities from the local level to the national level. In response to the above changes, CCFC has taken the following actions:

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