Why we work !

Community and Social Media via linking with ICT or information and communications technology (or technologies), is the infrastructure and components that enable modern computing. Although there is no single, universal definition of ICT, the terms is generally accepted to mean all devices, networking components, applications and systems that combined allow people and organizations (i.e., businesses, non-profit agencies, governments and criminal enterprises) to interact in the digital world.

A good way to think about ICT is to consider all uses of digital technology that exist to help individuals, businesses and organizations use information. ICT covers any product that will store, retrieve, manipulate, transmit or receive information electronically in a digital form. 

CCFC has been implementing its project in terms of information and communication technology (ICT) systems which can provide numerous benefits to its community groups and stakeholders through connecting their communication process as such sharing their common concerns and challenges and other remarkable achievement from each other in accordance to human rights violation, environmental degradation, and restriction on freedom of expression, assembly and association . Nevertheless, it helps those affected communities to build networking from one and another on how to become the vigorous community as the collective works entirely

What is the Objective?

1) CCFC has been providing the capacity building to local leaders, activists, and members to deeply understand about their peasant rights and land tenure rights and basic human rights as well as increasing their knowledge and skills toward community journalists local reporting skill, digital security, social media system, and videos producer on their smartphone such as Facebook live and other related activities for advocacy work via online campaign.
2) The Communities and Social media part of advocacy CCFC have Increase awareness and able to works so as to improve their works and capacity to become self-esteems on digital security social media tools protection by yourself.

What is the Action ?

Social Media Security

CCFC has conducted capacity training to women/man activists on the basic of digital security and create account and physical security on social media tools. It is aimed to increase awareness and able to works so as to improve their works and capacity to become self-esteems on digital security social media tools protection, and all data of social media using such as Facebook, Gmail, telegram, WhatsApp and other tools. Nevertheless, we view rural communities as the most underserved, and believe that many CSOs and the international community disproportionately dedicate their resources towards land seizures and displacement in the cities while neglecting to support rural populations, often due to their remoteness and other difficulties working there. We exclusively focus on conflicts in non-urban areas. The communities affected by the development projects by providing technological capacity through Smartphones so that they are capable to use social networks to advocate for their land rights without dependent on the outsiders.

Community Journalist’s

CCFC is going to create and scale-up the number community journalists more at the local level to become its target groups which need to comply from its principle as well as code of conducts increasingly linking with professional journalists and independent media as well. This is also the most important things that its local leaders and activists can spread-out their information and issues to others in which their overall concerns and needs such land issue, lack market sale agriculture product, social protection for farmers, livelihoods, transparency of community development, human rights, social justice, democracy and will be addressed possibly. Nevertheless, it is a good opportunity for them in which the communities can connect and share with all independent media and related journalists at all level through public awareness, and influencing to hold decision-makers to take into account for addressing all those affected communities’ needs and concerns appropriately

Social Media ADVOCACY

CCFC has been training with 75% of online advocacy works and community journalists through its social media’s homepage. Local communities have increased their capacity, and knowledge on how to reports, to disseminate and to raise awareness to the public vis digital online advocacy for promote human rights, social justice as well as liberal democracy in the country. So that, those community groups can be using social media for nonviolent approaches to combating land seizures. Violent resistance leads to a counter-productive cycle of escalation that local activities and their communities, unarmed and often isolated, are bound to lose. Furthermore, it legitimizes their struggle and leaves them vulnerable to legal repercussions that stronger actors most often evade.

Community RaDIO and  Facebook live

The ICT project returns media to treasured and traditional person-to-person connections -especially as new technologies. It reminds us that Facebook live relevant even in the digital age. Community radio Facebook live is when local communities people produce and live broadcast their own programs and participate in operating the studio. It is a community space
for people to meet and collaborate talking on concerns problem or relevant human rights, livelihood and economic, community action and others issuers is effects local community It typically leads to individual creativity and self-empowerment of communities areas. Participants find it extraordinarily satisfying, not just to make Facebook live in this unique fashion, but to also help transform community life with sustainable manner.
Security for Community

Donors and Partners

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