why do we do this? 

Community organizing is the process of building power through involving a constituency in identifying problems they share and the solutions to those problems that they desire; identifying the people and structures that can make those solutions possible; enlisting those targets in the effort through negotiation and using confrontation and pressure when needed, and building an institution that is democratically controlled by that constituency that can develop the capacity to take on further problems and that embodies the will and the power of that constituency.

What the Process ?

CCFC organizes individual grassroots who have challenged problems to create community and build the collective voice. Its targeted groups are victims of economic land concession, mining concession, natural resource management (fishery, forestry), rural farmers, and people impacted by development projects. Organize communities and farmers based on both four steps of CCFC’s guidance principles, including 1). Identify target group and issues collection with mapping stakeholder involve the community issue. 2). Meeting with activist’s community base on land issue, 3). Training basic community and drafting statute on grassroots organization, 4) Develop structure and adopt statute on local community or grassroots organization.

 where we organize our communities?

The community organizing procedure, is the process to bring people be united with collective work for sustainable development in place. Since 2011, CCFC has been organizing and compiling with its most affected communities who have been negatively impacted on the land rights abuse, offering on the government and private's development project such as irrigation system, economic land concessions such as agro-industrial plantation either social land concession, mining, natural resource destruction, and ecotourism development, where those issues have been happening due to the collusion from some government officials and powerful men, and tycoons dramatically. By seeing this, CCFC has been organizing with more than 20, 000 affected households located in 48 community groups among its 11 target provinces Kandal, Takeo, Kompong Spue, Kompot, Preah Sihanouk, Koh Kong, Preah Vihea, Kratie, Thbong Khmom, Svay Reing, and Prey Veng Koh Kong and Kratice province. The main objective aimed to empower its community, through capacity building, networking and promoting them to be aware about their basic rights, and protect human rights defenders, democracy, social justice, and policy engagement and to push the government official from the for addressing their common needs, concerns and interests positively local to national level.
    Stressing that peasant women and other rural women play a significant role in the economic survival of their families and in contributing to the rural and national economy, including through their work in the non-monetized sectors of the economy, but are often denied tenure and ownership of land, equal access to land, productive resources, financial services, information, employment or social protection, and are often victims of violence and discrimination in a variety of forms and manifestations. 

    Donors and Partners

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