The Executive Committee shall be elected from the General Assembly and shall have a five -year term. Executive Committee Members are: The President manages the day-to-day operations, accompanied by the General Secretary, Deputy Secretary-General in charge of Finance, Administration and Human Resources, Programming, Education, Communication and Advocacy. The Secretary General shall request the appointment of the president with the approval of the general councils , according to the needs of the Association;
At least 30% of women are members of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall have the right to recruit skilled personnel as necessary.

The Executive Committee shall function as the Secretary of the General Council representing and coordinating the executive functioning of the Association. The decision of the Executive Committee shall be based on a 50% plus 1 formula. The Executive Committee shall perform its duties as follows:
• Develop annual strategic plans and operational plans in consultation with technical staff members and submit them to the General Council.
• Record and publish minutes of the General Council meetings
• Notice and arrange for general councils to hold quarterly meetings and special meetings
• Provide financial reports and annual reports to General Councils for review and approval
• Report staffing issues to the Board of Directors where the Executive Committee unable to resolve the issue
• Conduct teamwork and group decision making based on principles and duties
• Participate in mobilizing resources, report on activities and budgets to the General Council on behalf and review semi-annually
• Organize campaigns and agreements with relevant stakeholders by request the decision of the General Councils. 
• Implement the decision of the representative council and the request of the representative council
• Organize a four-year convention based on its By-Law
• Managing and budgeting based on decisions of the General Councils
• Developed a member and budget management system based on the decisions of the General Councils, the overall executive committee, the day-to-day regular basis management of the workforce, and the implementation of the action plan as well.
• Draft policies, principles, and legal documents with consultation, approval of members to submit to the General Council.
• Review and approve all submissions prepared or approved by the General Council, the Executive Committee, and ensure monthly, quarterly, and annual review meetings; Activities, financial statements, challenges, or other pressing needs of the association
• The Executive Committee conducts an assessment and requests the approval of the Representative Council to establish or dissolve the Committees as needed to fulfill the goals of the CCFC-Association. 

The roles and duties of each Executive Committee member shall be detailed in the table in terms of their roles and duties. 

Meet the Executive Committee 

Mr. Theng Savoeun

President of CCFC
Ms. Keo Chanra

General Secretary

Moeun Rathana

Deputy-General Secretary

Sang Sambo

Finance Manager

Nhel Pheap

Regional Team

Mr. Pang Sarin

Project Manager

Ms. Nhet Srey Oun

Accountiance Officer

Mr. Mey Vutthy

Regional Team

Mr. Kim Piseth

Regional Team

Ms. San Thyda

Regional Team

Ms. Sun Leakena


Ms. Keo Sreyneang

Media Officer 

Mr. Kouch Sokhom




Ms. EL Sokhen

Administration Officer


Project Officer 

Mr.Than Hach


Donors and Partners

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