The Advisory Council is the advisor to the Council of Representatives and the Executive Committee of the Coalition of Cambodian Farmer Community-Association (CCFC-A) with at least 5 members. The Advisory Council shall be selected from the vote, give confidence in the General Election Guidelines, and have a four-year term.
The Advisory Council is composed of former councilors and individuals from partner institutions invited by the representative council to run for the Congress. 

What Responsibilities of the General Advisory Council ?
The Advisory Councils shall have the following roles and duties:
• Assist in consulting with the General Councils on amendments to the association's statutes, structures and policies
• Assist in advising the association's long-term strategic planning
• To consult on strategies or methods to seek the support and confidence of the members and activists, institutions, partners and funders
• Advise the Executive Committee on how the leadership works and coordinates key events in the association
• Assist in consulting the association's strategic plans, budget plans and annual expenditure plans
• Consult the Executive Committee regularly and attend quarterly meetings on important work proposed by the Executive Committee
• Consulting on oversight and transparency of Executive Committee monitoring methods or strategies
• Participate in the organizing of the General Assembly every four years and the Extraordinary General Assembly
• Contribute to the protection and ensure that members and activists, executive committees and representative councils enjoy the benefits set out in the association policy
• Attend meetings and forums on behalf of the Association
• Monitors the financial affairs of the association, which is carried out by the Executive Committee and the staff responsible for signing all reports
• Assist the General Council Committee on how to mobilize, compile, and develop strategies, capacity building, advocacy, and association building with national and international partners.
• Participate in consulting and advising the Executive Committee to prepare annual semiannual financial statements to submit to the General Council and funders
• Attend an urgent meeting of the council to seek methods and measures to prevent the association from experiencing serious challenges and then request a meeting with the representative for the decision making.
• Attend regular and irregular meetings with the Council of Representatives regularly for suggestions, but have no authority to decide or administer over the task.
The Technical Council is a group of experts who volunteer and provide technical assistance to the Council on behalf of:
• Legal Aid
• Occupation and livelihood
• Association Community and Network’s Movement
• research skill
• Training on financial capacity, management and networking
• Leadership skill
• Manage all kinds of Administration, Financial and related material
The Advisory Council shall not have the authority to administer, inspect and monitor the affairs of the Association as a whole.

Meet the General Advisory Councils 

Vorn Pao

Organizing & 

Moeun Tola

Advocacy &

Am Samath

Legal & Social work

Pheap Kol

Leadership and IR 

Pa Chanroeun

Organizational Development

Soeung Senkaruna

Legal and Investigation 

Sophearyn Hang

Finance and Administration

Savang Korn

Research and Documentation

Donors and Partners

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