The Council of Representatives is the legislative power of the Coalition of Cambodian Farmer Community-Associations, which has at least seven members. The representative council shall be elected from the general election according to the general election guidelines and have a four-year term. Representative councils are composed of farmers, and provincial committee members may stand to be as candidates at the event.
The way how to choose a representative council shall be proportional to the number of members in each community, in case the number of members shall have at least one representative. At least 15 days after the General Assembly, the Council shall convene its governing body where composition of the Council shall be composed of at least 30% women. 

What Responsibilities of the General Council ? 

Decisions of the General Council shall be valid only if two/thirds of the total members of the Council are present.
The Council of Representatives shall have the following roles and duties:
• Decide on the amendments to the statutes, structures and policies of the CCFC-A.
• Participate in long-term strategic planning and implementation
• Participate in the support and confidence of members and activists
• Helps lead and coordinate key events in the association
• Approval of the Alliance's Strategic Plan, Budget and Annual Costs
• Regularly monitor the implementation of the Executive Committee and attend quarterly meetings
• Monitoring how the Executive Committee is highly responsible and transparent
• Holds association meetings every four years and Extraordinary General Assembly
• Contribute to the protection and ensure that members and activists, executive committees and representative councils enjoy the benefits set out in the association policy
• Conduct annual and semi-annual performance reviews of the Executive Committee and sign the Executive Committee's salary contracts
• Attend meetings and forums on behalf of the Association
• The Council of Representatives attending the meeting shall sign and be responsible for all meetings and important documents of the Association
• The Representative Council shall be accountable to its members annually and during the General Assembly
• To oversee the effective oversight of the Executive Committee and the accountability of the Association to its members and partners before the law.
• Monitors the financial affairs of the association, which is carried out by the Executive Committee and staff, with responsibility for signing all reports

The General Council Representatives shall meet every 6 months or twice a year, the Chairman of the Council and its members may call for a meeting of the Extraordinary Meeting based on the judgment of the Chairman of the Council, with the request of the Executive Committee, 50% plus one or two/thirds of the votes and comments received by members. The Advisory Council or the Executive Committee shall inform the members of the Council at least seven days before the meeting.
In case of busyness, the summit will be postponed as necessary. The Executive Committee shall record and disseminate the minutes of the Council meetings as well. The Chairman of the Council shall approve the final draft of the minutes before publication.
The General Council may invite the Executive Committee to issue a memorandum in the event that the Council has an important and confidential agenda that needs to be discussed and decided in the absence of the Executive Committee.

Meet the General Council Team

Mr. You Veasna 

Chairman General Council 

Ms. Men Davy

Vice-Chairman of GC


Member of General Council


Member of General Council


Member of General Council


Member of General Council


Member of General Council


Member of General Council


Member of General Council

Donors and Partners

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