No Land No Life Campiang

What the Problem?

Citizens and farmers are producing agricultural product through secondary crop farming, plant crops and vegetable, raise livestock, and family fishing as small and medium level over their land to support their families. Since 1979, we have lived and succeeded those land from our ancestors peacefully and having secure food without interrupting, violating or forcing eviction from any companies. However, since 2005 we have had many challenges occurring such as agricultural products (rice and crops) do not have market to sell them or sell them in low price which could not be comparable to the capital expenditure, which it’s required to borrow loan from the private bank or micro-finance in a high interest and are facing the issue following:

1- Issue Concerning Agriculture

• Lack of capital to increase business (no subsidize budget from government) which they plant rice by traditional method.
• Food security has not been prepared properly by lacking of cooperation between government institutions (ministries, and authorities) and communities and farmers to resolve the farmer products’ price, particular lack of market to sell the products.
• Shortfall of technical skill, knowhow, and resources to produce and refine good quality local products because of Ministry of Agriculture and Government do not have enough national budget to subsidize farmers at the remote areas.
• Without market causing their children and youths to migrate to the cities or neighbor countries to seek jobs to repay the loan where they borrowed from microfinances and banks.

2- Issues of Land and Farmers

• Farmers occupied small squares of land and their land have faced to be grabbed by worsen businessmen who colluded with authorities and powerful persons.
• Concerning about the safety of land and loss of natural resources in the community to engage the subsistence.
• Most companies do not respect the land right and cleared the land without paying the compensation and respecting the community people as the land owner.
• Mechanisms to solve the land issue of the government is slow and ineffective and happening of the corruption in dealing with authorities and companies tend to have the money power win over land dispute.
• Land policy and legislation regarding land right issue have not been taken to implement
• Which mostly it is used the order and notification (Sor Chor Nor) leading activists and victims are most threatened.
• Intervention of significant national institutions (parliament, ministries) to authorities are ineffective and it makes authorities to oppress against the people.

3. Preparation of policy and legislation affect the farmers

• Many polices seem likely to give more benefit private sectors and powerful persons than farmers.
• Policies or laws which the governments and National Assembly has prepared and adopted the past we did not know, and we were not provided opportunities to participate in making decision as voters, particular procedure and design process were not opened wide to the farmers to offer the comment and idea.
• Policies or laws are not comprehensive attention to the interest of farmers or community citizens.
• Many policies of the government have not spread widely to the farmers in the communities.
• National policies restricted rights of people such as Law on Agricultural Community, Law on Agricultural Land, and Sub-decree on Contract Agricultural Farming which those are drafted by the General Department of Agriculture, the most controversial because it is not organized public consultation with concern farmers

4. The Objective of on No land No Life Campaign

• To expose and stop land and natural resource grabbing from the powerful people.
• To raise the issues of land, natural resource, and market of the farmers which are the issues of human right, and to advocate with the government and relevant institutions.
• To urge the National Assembly, government and other stakeholders to be responsible for illegal grabbing of land and natural resources, market of farmer, human right abuse and to make intervention addressing to the farmers’ concerns.
• To stop or cancel the policies that do not benefit to the small-scale farmers.

5. The Significant Campaign Activities

• Supporting all kinds of campaign activities on issues of land and market of the communities at the grassroots level in order to push for having the resolution to their problem from community to national level.
• To strengthen the communities capacity in order to debate and discuss with authorities, especially the negotiation and documentation process request to relevant authorities.
• Gathering and documentation of communities in order to file join complaints to national and international institutions levels.
• Held a press conference, forum and conversation of the communities with relevant.
• Organize national and international campaigns
• Creation of dissemination information group and farmers’ voice (Radio and Live on Social Media)

Donors and Partners

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